Precious Packs is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising and granting funds to support students and schools in financial or low-socioeconomic status situations. With the support of sponsors, donors, and local community partnerships, Precious Packs is increasing educational opportunity by providing students with the proper tools to assist them in their academic growth, while showing them the importance and magic of education. 


Our mission for Precious Packs is to better the education for students in situations where they are unable to access proper school supplies. We hope that with Precious Packs, we are not only providing students with educational tools, but we are also showing them the value of education and giving them the confidence to reach for their goals and aspirations. We strive to motivate children to love education and to give them the foundations to embrace every moment in the classroom to the fullest. 


We are beyond grateful for every donation and sponsorship made to Precious Packs as the donations given are not only important to us, but also to the students and schools within the community that receive the support from our program and the community.

This past year, our very first year in the program, with the support of our donors and sponsors, Precious Packs was able to provide: 

  •  25 backpacks to Merrymount Family Support and Crisis Centre in London, ON

    • 15 backpacks for students in Kindergarten to Grade 4​

    • 10 backpacks for students in Grade 5 to Grade 8 

    • Sets of binders, crayons, markers, rulers, pencils, erasers, and other small item school supplies

To read more about how Precious Packs uses the donations received, please take a look at our Financial Accountability page.  


Precious Packs allows us to connect with children and adults in the community.  Through the program we can provide support and resources for those in need.


Precious Packs demonstrates the importance in listening to the wants and needs of today's youth and allowing their voices to be heard.


Precious Packs provides a unique educational experience to children as they are being given the opportunity to enter school prepared with the proper tools for success.  


Precious Packs allocates for change and thrives in wanting to make a difference in children and families' lives, as well as in their education.

Program Coordinators

Amy Wilcox 

Arjun Samy

Tel: 519-784-8014

Tel: 519-365-5577


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