How We became precious packs

Education always has and always will be, a significant component to a child’s life. From the moment a child enters their first day of school, they are entering a world of knowledge that will take them on a journey throughout many years of their life. On average, children spend roughly six and a half hours each day sitting in school with their friends, classmates, teachers and peers. We want children to look back on this time and rather than think of it as a waste, use it as an investment towards their future.

Two years ago, we spent one of the first days of school at a local elementary school. We noticed a young girl standing by her cubby, very sad. Remembering this is the first week of school and anticipating every child to be full of excitement, we asked the child what was wrong. The little girl told us that she loved school, but she didn’t like the first day and that the first day of school is never ‘fun’ when lots of other children have supplies to bring to school when she didn’t. Much to our dismay, many students felt similarly as they were not able to afford supplies to bring to school.

This is where our thoughts began to run wild. We believe that if a child comes to school, equipped with the proper supplies, they will be more likely to be successful. School supplies have always been a controversial topic, as it raises the question as to why primary students need items such as white board markers and pencil crayons. From an educator perspective, it is encouraged for parents, peers, and family to come into a classroom one day and see how students can sit at their desk and discover magic while using white boards and colouring tools to assist in their learning. However, like many things in today’s world, this luxury of school supplies comes with a cost.

This led to the emergence of Precious Packs, and on Monday, June 26th, 2017, our program began. Not every child gets the experience to come to the first day of school with a brand new backpack full of tools ready to be put to use towards their learning. Not every child is able to open up their lunch box and find nutritious snacks awaiting them at lunch time. Our hope with Precious Packs is to provide children with equal opportunity to start their school day with success as they will be equipped with the proper tools needed to learn each day.

Every child has the ability to become something brilliant, and we believe that providing them with the proper tools to do so will contribute immensely to their success, self-esteem, and overall positive experiences within their education.

When you give the proper pack to precious children, it is amazing what they can achieve.

Program Coordinators

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Arjun Samy

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